May 25, 2012

I’ve been working my butt off for the past several days so I haven’t been able to respond to any of the TV guide article/ensuing craziness in the WH13 tag. I don’t want to add yet another post about it (especially since I watch this show for me and me alone..) But I do want to say this because I haven’t seen any mention of it yet and I don’t know if other people are thinking about it..

I think that if Pete and Myka got together, I would just suck it up and deal with it because I trust these writers to continue the other aspects of the show that I enjoy (such as the strong, independent female characters they present).

However, I would be sorely disappointed. Not because I’m anti-Pyka but because it takes away my hope that a quality mainstream (read: not made specifically for the LGBTQ community) show has a chance to have a pairing that represents me and my relationships and my life.

I wouldn’t care if in the end HG/Myka got together (though I would squeal with delight most likely) just as long as the possibility remains that I can fill it in in my head. Yes, there are shows out there (but really, I can count most of them on one hand — Xena, Buffy) that are quality and in the genre I enjoy that show, or have the potential to show, non-heteronormative relationships.

There’s been mention of other shows that have had the main leads be paired together and how it hasn’t really changed the show for them. But look at the examples, they’re always a man and a woman. For me, this would, because it’s bigger for me than HG/Myka vs. Pete/Myka. It’s about a representation of me and my community in media.

That the writers have acknowledged that HG/Myka is possible is even more significant. There are tons of LGBTQ ships that exist that are actually only that. Ships. They will never exist on those shows. Mostly because it would never even occur to the writers that people would want to see these types of relationships or that these relationships exist. But the WH13 writers have. So that’s why it did feel very hurtful when the TV guide article came out, because the way it was worded was as if the writers have never acknowledged that HG/Myka was a possibility.

I don’t know. This has become long and ranty and in-concise. I would appreciate any feedback about this, especially from other LGBTQ viewers out there.

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